what is adventurous life project?

We are creating a tribe who are adventurous at heart, recognise the power of play and understand that adventure builds grit, resilience and the ability to over come challenges. This is the start of a movement that will change how people view adventure, help them rediscover the power of play, give back to the community, educate, inspire, encourage, train, motivate and lead the outdoor adventure empowerment space from the front.

What is adventure?

They say adventure is an undertaking with danger and risk, at the same time offering an exciting or remarkable experience with an enticing sense of satisfaction. We believe adventure cannot be truly defined – it’s not one thing – it’s a state of mind – an attitude – personal. 

Adventure is stepping in, taking part, making change, doing something new, facing uncertainty and participating in the world. It’s around us every day – in every day decisions – it can be found high on a mountaintop as well as in our own backyard.

Adventure is thinking big about who you are. It’s about identity, life and legacy. It fosters curiosity, grit, determination and resilience. 

Adventure is about getting outside our comfort zone and committing to the lessons we learn in the outdoors, standing in determination, rising to challenges and unveiling our true potential. 

Adventure is journey and discovery. Adventure is in the everyday. Adventure is a way of life.

explore more…. adventure more…..

play more….believe more….. become more….

What we stand for

At Adventurous Life Project our mission is to build a community based on a commitment to create authentic experiences through adventures that help realise potential and regain purpose, vitality and energy. 

We are committed to growing an active and passionate community with a platform dedicated to harnessing the power of play and the psychology of adventure.

At our heart

  • We are changing how people view adventure and themselves.
  • We are helping people rediscover the power of play.
  • We are educating, inspiring, encouraging, training and believing.
  • We are giving back.
  • We are leading the outdoor adventure personal empowerment space.

In our hands

We are developing various platforms dedicated to harnessing the power of play and the psychology of adventure.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


The power of PLAY

Eventually we grow up, build careers and settle into life. 

Too often in this process we lose our ability to open up, take risks, play and have fun, finding security within our comfort zone; and in turn we lose our fire, becoming less effective, feeling unfulfilled, and sitting on the sideline of life. 

Reigniting our fire does not come from more ‘work’ or more ‘stuff’. It heats up by tapping into our core, getting outside of our comfort zone and connecting. Connecting with ourselves, with other people and with nature – through ADVENTURE and PLAY. 

Simply leading a life of participation and no longer a life of observation can unleash our aliveness. 

At Adventurous Life Project we are awakening our inherent desire as individuals to simply play more and feel ALIVE.

Sustainable development

Global Alignment

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set the global agenda for action on improving the wellbeing of present and future generations. The 17 goals aim to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges through the promotion of sustainable development to 2030.  

The core values and focus of Adventurous Life Project directly contribute to these goals.