Who we are

Jacqui Holth

Founder, FacilitatoR and journey leader

With a global marketing, management and events background, Jacqui has had the privilege to live, work, travel and adventure all over the world. She has worked with many nationalities and has developed a deep understanding of what ignites the human spirit. Her talent lays in bringing all the elements together to create inspired experiences.

Adventure and the outdoors fuel her soul. She is energised and complete when she is connected with the wilderness, from mountain peaks to the open ocean. Fortunately her husband and teenage son also fully embrace this lifestyle! She has witnessed first hand the change in herself, in her son and in many individuals from all walks of life as they have stepped into their own adventure. 

She is super passionate about bringing more of us into adventure so we too can embrace its lessons, develop the skills and mindset to breathe life into our dreams and grow our ultimate futures. She supports people as they step beyond their comfort zone, start to play, reunite with themselves and ignite their fire.

She is also the founder of Bright Futures of Bardia, a charitable initiative in Western Nepal supporting education and healthcare.

Adventure and the outdoors fuel her soul.  She is energized and complete when she is connected with the wilderness, from mountain peaks to the open ocean.

Partners in Crime

Joelle Breault-Hood

Facilitator and Journey Leader

I have carved a career in the outdoor industry as a backcountry guide, a rafting guide, an outdoor educator and a lover of adventure. I work with young people and adults towards cultivating adventurous habits and a passion for the outdoors. I believe in the power of the outdoors and adventure to ignite growth and transformation. Recently, I established an adventure club in the Southern Highlands called The Gutsy Girl Project and you can find me on the board of the newly formed Australian Women’s Adventure Alliance.

Amy Heague

Facilitator and Journey Leader

Amy is passionate about championing and empowering people to discover and ‘bring to the table’ their unique gifts and skills through the power of adventure. She pioneered the independent women’s adventure publication Travel Play Live; a magazine that advocates adventure as the catalyst for change.

With over 20 years experience in the Arts & Media arena, Amy is a creative, dynamic and outside the box thinker and public speaker with an uncanny knack for thinking ahead of the curve, cutting through the noise and telling stories.

If you only plan on having a brief superficial discussion about women in adventure or social justice, don’t ask Amy to share her thoughts on the subject, particularly when it comes to Human Trafficking.

Jon Summers


Jon Summers is a Paramedic and passionate Youth Mentor, offering faith and support to young people. He aims to help them build unwavering confidence and to forge a life of love and abundance. He is a Senior Leader with Tony Robbins and travels the world sharing personal development knowledge.
Before the Emergency Services, Jon worked as an Electrician in many different roles, both onshore and offshore around Australia and New Zealand. Jon has also been blessed to play professional rugby union in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. And following such a diverse and successful career he is focused on giving back, both professionally and personally. Jon now jumps at every opportunity to serve with young people in whatever way he can.

Jon is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys exploring new activities; he even started learning the drums two and a half years ago – which he loves in a super nerdy way.

Jon is both humbled and excited to be involved with The Adventurous Life Project, and relishes the challenge.