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Bringing together a tribe who are adventurous at heart, recognise the power of play and understand that adventure reveals grit, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges in all aspects of life.

What we stand for

At Adventurous Life Project our mission is to build a community based on a commitment to create authentic experiences through adventures that help realise potential and regain purpose, vitality and energy.

We are committed to growing an active and passionate community with a platform dedicated to harnessing the power of play and the psychology of adventure.

What we are up to

In our inception year we are introducing two incredible projects……

Adventurous Spirit

3 cities | 6 speakers | 1 unique opportunity

An event series that will bring the brightest and most exciting experience seeking speakers and storytellers from across Australia into one space where you can be inspired, learn, laugh, absorb and celebrate what it means to live an adventurous life.

Event by

Adventurous Life Project

Dates & Locations Announced Soon!

We invite you to share this space with your entire family; to foster connection, embrace uncertainty, and reignite your Adventurous Spirit
with unique speakers in unique settings – all about living an adventurous life.
Dates and locations announced soon.

Global Youth Adventure Summit

2 weeks | Nepal | Trekking plus School Building Project 

A youth adventure summit that will take a group of teenagers to Nepal for a physical and mental leadership challenge. They will not only explore the Himalayas but also contribute to a Nepalese community in need.

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Travel Play Live Manifesto

From our Blog

Fulfilment through Adventure

By Mal Macgown   There is an Adventurer within each of us. Perhaps it is stifled by notions of duty, necessity, complacency or, more commonly, fear masquerading as these. There are two stories that come to mind, from two very different lives, but with a common

Adventurous Spirit Postponed

It has nearly been a year since we started passionately planning and building our Adventurous Spirit series. Over the past months, it has been an inspiring journey; we have had some brilliant conversations with so many of you and have been excited by all the

You Think You Are Unique?

YOU THINK YOU ARE UNIQUE? You think you already tap into your internal power to the max? Think you are the only one who is at a tug of war inside between knowing what the hell you know you want to do and getting started?

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