Adventurous LP Photoshoot

Adventurous LP Photoshoot

So yesterday was photo shoot time for Richard and I for our exciting new project that will be coming your way very very soon… Hipster Mum was creating her magic down with the camera near Clontarf. There was lots of fun changing in the bushes into different outfits and posing unnaturally to look as natural as possible!!!??

Apparently when you are in photos in order to look comfortably close actually requires you to get SUPER close in real life. So we kept hearing… move closer.. lucky Rich and I are ok with that! Then it starts the…. look here, look there… all pretty simple stuff… but then Jade said ‘look at each other’. Our minds said… sure…. yet when we did look into each other’s eyes it was evident that there is an internal switch and we are no longer purely accessing the external persona of who we are looking at, but tapping straight into their soul. Oooohhhhhh uncomfortable! When we are uncomfortable there are many options, but the two main ones are stop doing it or walk towards it. Once we laughed it off we kept talking about how strange it was that simply looking at someone for an extended length of time alters physically, chemically and emotionally what’s going on in your body – even if consciously you are aware of it, you cannot control it. We both concluded that doubtless we spent more time looking into each other’s eyes yesterday in a photo shoot then we probably have looking at our respective loved ones with total presence over the past months or maybe years. For anyone running off to any conclusions… seeing someone doesn’t have to mean ‘love’ in a sexy way… It’s a beautiful thing and a gift to really ‘see’ someone for the fabulous being that they are. … it’s also a real gift to accept being seen for the magnificent being that you are too. Try it… I think it’s a thing!

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In honour of this concept check out this video…thanks for sharing Rich

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