Finding Your True North

Finding Your True North

We are drawn to stories of people with an unwavering commitment to purpose.

When it comes to adventurers Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart – just to name a few. The purpose of their mission drove them to achieve.

There is nothing quite like knowing your purpose. The why behind what you do is a powerful navigator.

Take this simple analogy: If you set off on a car trip, unprepared for the day’s adventures ahead and you don’t have a specific destination, or haven’t packed the gear you need, you will likely turn around and come back home, missing the opportunities to really live the day. Screams comfort zone right?

Having clear direction gives clarity and strength.

If you know where you are going and why you are going there you are more focused, driven to accomplish and creative in your approach to solving any problems that may arise, with a positive attitude.

Knowing your purpose gives you:

Direction- None of us, want to wander the same path day after day. Knowing where you are headed and having goals or targets makes it easier to create ‘your vision’ for success.

A Reason to Continue- On the toughest of days, and there will be tough days, knowing your purpose will make it easier to combat any obstacle and suffer the occasional roadblock.

Focus – Knowing where to expend your energy, so it’s maximised, not wasted,  allows us to sees results without burning ourselves out before our mission is complete.

Enthusiasm- Multiplying every positive emotion- passion, direction and focus, unbridled enthusiasm for your purpose will see you living life well beyond the borders of your daily comfort zone.

This is the Power of Purpose!

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