Life Goals- Reaching Your Peak

Life Goals- Reaching Your Peak

Life is not a sprint, but rather a marathon.

An ultra distance one in fact.

With alternate routes, occasional rocky and treacherous ledges to pass, storms to weather and summits to reach where there are moments of awe and celebration.

Setting life goals is very much like setting your sights on reaching the summit, and for us adventure types the analogies don’t go unnoticed.

Step 1 – See Your Summit

Dare to dream in vivid colour. Explore all options. What do you want to achieve?  Whether or not you currently think you can or not write those goals down, visualise and feel them. 

Step 2 – Research Your journey

Find out what knowledge, skills and training others needed to reach your chosen summit or similar. List the skills you already have. Decide to focus your time on what you need to learn, do, experience before you start your journey up the mountain.

Step 3 – Prepare Your Kit (take action)

Once you have collated and acquired the necessary things to see you on your way, you are ready to set out.

Remember you don’t necessarily need to have it all figured out. Sometimes it’s wise to take action first, don’t wait for those feelings of excitement, confidence, and clarity before you start out. Take action, and they will follow.

Step 4 – Take the Alternate Route if Needed

Like adventure, life sometimes doesn’t go as planned. You come to tee intersections on the trail and may find that the route you planned on taking has been closed off. Or there appears to be a never considered alternative. Or the trail, you’ve chosen, turns out to exceed your capabilities. This is when you need to be flexible.

Will you go for the more difficult route or an alternative never before considered? Will you retrace some of your steps to see if there is another trail you might take?

Are there other possibilities still worth exploring?

Step 5 – Celebrate and Enjoy the View from the Top

Whatever the eventual path, once you reach the top it’s time to celebrate. Life’s summits are often hard fought, challenging and major milestones. 

They expand our horizons and completely change our perspective and when we look around, we realise there are many more summits, (a.k.a new possibilities) that have come into view and they are now too within our reach.

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