Life Hacks Learned Through Adventure

Life Hacks Learned Through Adventure

The passion for adventure goes far beyond the scaling of the highest peaks, the exploration of vast oceans or the physicality of the actual activity itself.

We choose to adventure in our daily lives for more than the recognition of world firsts, the satisfaction of crossing finish lines and the opportunity to share our experiences on social media.

Adventure and it’s abundant lessons in personal growth challenge us again and again to grow as we discover the valuable elements it brings to the living our best lives.

Whether it’s for life, business or relationships opportunities to apply lessons like these are available readily:

1. There Is  A Spirit Of Adventure In Us All- Find Yours

It takes curiosity, desire to achieve and positivity to want to push yourself beyond your current capabilities. That spirit is different in many ways in different people. For some, it’s climbing mountains or sailing the globe. For others, its environmental or scientific research,  creative self-expression or consciously designing your life.  However you look at it, that is the spirit of adventure.

2. The First Step, Is The Boldest, Take It Despite Your Doubts

No one has ever achieved greatness for themselves or others by sitting on the sidelines of life. Whether you’re on a cave diving expedition or starting a passion project, many an adventurer has reminded us that the only way to find success is by simply starting and continuing to move forward from that point, day after day after day.

3.  Push Past Failure

With every success, there has been failure. For every path that exists to achieve our goals, there are a dozen other ways we can and do mess it up. It is through these failures that we learn the problem solving and skills needed so that if and when we persist we eventually succeed. Great adventurers never let failure stop them, and neither should we. Pick yourself up, dust off and keep trying,

4.  Know Your End Game  But Play The Cards You Are Dealt

Endurance, persistence, and resilience are vital characteristics of every adventurer, and there is no doubt that to achieve great things it takes a consistent effort.

Besides understanding the why behind what it is we want to achieve and keeping ourselves focused on the outcome we want, we also need to remember that when the ‘landscape changes’ it is the way we respond that is most important.

By sticking at it and building endurance and persistence, we gain the resilience, to come back day after day after day. Whether you’re planning an expedition or a change of career, out on the ocean or in the boardroom, this is paramount to your ultimate success.

The ‘focus on the end game’ needs to remain fixed but the ‘how you may get there’ will change in response to the challenges that face you.

5. Feel The Fear And Manage It

Risk taking and being ‘fearless,’ despite the hype isn’t a characteristic honed by an adventurer. Instead, they prefer to “risk manage,” meaning they take into account all the possibilities and the outcomes that can happen and plan accordingly to ensure the highest chance of success.

Same goes for life. We regularly accept some risk in areas including the beginning of new relationships or sacrificing personal capital and giving up a steady pay check in new business for example.

But when we arm ourselves with knowledge about the situation ahead, and be honest about your limitations, and explore the unknowns, we can manage the inevitable roadblocks and cliff edges along the way.

Life lessons like these are the unknown power of the word adventure, when untapped they magnify our potential and when applied consistently make the path to success a slightly less bumpy road to travel.

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