You Think You Are Unique?

You Think You Are Unique?


You think you already tap into your internal power to the max?

Think you are the only one who is at a tug of war inside between knowing what the hell you know you want to do and getting started?

Being too afraid and lacking the confidence to take the step into the Challenge Zone is NORMAL. It isn’t a special feature unique to you. We ALL have a fear of hardship, getting it wrong, or being a flop.

We have no doubt that you have what it takes to operate in your prime across all aspects of your life, but do you? Be honest.

“We as individuals need to internalize and examine what failure looks like and understand how we will deal with it when it comes so that we can learn from it and grow and develop self-belief”. Speaker Mal Macgown – ex SAS soldier and current Hostage Negotiator. He is speaking on stage for the first time to the Australian public.


Expand yourself at Adventurous Spirit

Each of our speakers have different journeys, each of them have different tools and techniques they tap in to and they will talk to you and show you how they personally deal with challenges, how they personally overcome barriers and challenges and how you can too.

Don’t regret missing this event. Own your future and join us. We don’t bite!! Albeit that in
Ky’s latest venture there might be a bit of that!

Events in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Hurry, grab your tickets here before they sell out.

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